The Program

The Program 

Convinced that Lance Armstrong is taking performance enhancing drugs, journalist David Walsh hunts for evidence to bring down the world famous cyclist... One of sports greatest scandals, featuring stunning performances by Ben Foster and Chris O'Dowd.


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A fluid and nippy telling of a tale that still seems strangely urgent 

The Guardian

Foster does great work with rich ingredients, making the most of every eerie smirk and glance 

Time Out

A surprisingly nuanced portrait of Armstrong built on a transformative performance by Ben Foster 

Movie Nation

Nimbly shot and sharply scripted, powered by an outstanding performance from Ben Foster and the quiet integrity of Chris O’'Dowd 

Empire Magazine

The film is skilful in the way it gives a modern-day story about cheating in sport a mythic feel 

The Independent

Frears' film zips entertainingly round the twists and turns of an episode of recent sporting villainy whose fascination happily survives the retelling 

Sight & Sound

You can't take your eyes off Foster 

The Telegraph

Foster is superbly and appositely hubristic in the central role 

Irish Times

Stephen Frears's fictional take on the Lance Armstrong story is even-handed, witty and shot with verve 

Evening Standard

Seasoned pros Frears and screenwriter John Hodge handle the sharp corners of the story with aplomb 

The Observer

This fearless reconstruction drives home the dark lie that Lance Armstrong lived 

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Type Feature film
Length 103 Minutes
Rating 15
Genres Drama, Sport
Cast Ben Foster, Dustin Hoffman, Chris O'Dowd, Lee Pace, Jesse Plemons, Guillaume Canet
Director Stephen Frears
Screenwriter John Hodge
Author David Walsh
Cinematographer Danny Cohen
Cycling Consultant David Millar
Producer Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Tracy Seaward
Language English
Countries of origin France, United Kingdom

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