The Muse

The Muse 

What is an artist without his muse? A new short film starring Ben Whishaw and Kristen McMenamy, from world-renowned fashion photographer Tim Walker.


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Tim Walker is playing with the surreal, with mythical creatures and fantastical narratives that cross over into the real world 

LS:N Global entrancing film about art and emotion, The Muse is a powerful showcase for a brilliant Ben Whishaw 


Haunting, stunning, graceful and dream-like…Whishaw brings so much to his role 

Front Row Reviews

A captivating film...a place where time stops and dreaming begins 


A beautiful and haunting film…with a mesmerizing turn from Ben Whishaw 

I'm With Geek

A captivating short...deeply mesmeric…beautifully shot. Ben Whishaw plays the tortured artist with a haunting vacancy 

The Film Exchange

Sensorial, poetic and visually stunning... 

Critics Associated

Official Selection

Edinburgh International Film Festival


Type Short film
Length 15 Minutes
Rating NR
Genres Drama, Short film
Cast Ben Whishaw, Kristen McMenamy
Director Tim Walker
Producer Mia Bays
Writer Simone Glover
Language English
Country of origin United Kingdom

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