In Vitro

In Vitro 

The directorial debut of actor Toby Stephens, this uncompromising new short film explores how infertility can erode a marriage and one man's reaction to cold science replacing passion...


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If you own it, please sign in. unnerving drama that unravels with poignancy and heartache. Rupert Penry-Jones is outstanding 

I'm With Geek of the best short films I have seen in ages, maybe ever. Brutal and tragic and powerful as hell. 


Explores a subject rarely touched in film...a promising start from auteur Toby Stephens 

Bizarre Culture

A sharp, moving tale of tiny tragedies, In Vitro is a promising debut for Toby Stephens that marks him out as talent behind the camera. 


Type Short film
Length 18 Minutes
Rating NR
Genres Drama, Short film
Cast Rupert Penry-Jones, Anna-Louise Plowman, Stephanie Leonidas, Anthony Calf
Writer & Director Toby Stephens
Producer Stevie Lee, Sarah Best
Language English
Country of origin United Kingdom

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