Don't Look Down

Don't Look Down 

Richard Branson tells the untold story behind his daring attempts to cross the Atlantic and Pacific in the mid 80s and early 90s in the world’s largest hot air balloon, while trying to launch an upstart airline.


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Using previously unseen footage of his daredevil adventures... The in-gondola footage shot from the balloons truly is spectacular.... An undeniable thrill 


An extraordinary true story... Captures the intensity and passion of the team 


Branson doesn’t hold back, as he reveals what was going through his mind when he was confronted with the belief that he had just minutes left to live  

Tribeca Film Festival

Don’t Look Down is a personal revelation; a dramatic tale of survival and drive 

The Hollywood News

Ranks easily as the most harrowing, most nerve wracking, most suspenseful documentary of the year 

The Movie Sleuth

Director Daniel Gordon captures the intensity and passion of the team that was involved in this ambitious project 

This Funktional


Tribeca Film Festival


Type Feature film
Length 97 Minutes
Rating 15
Genre Documentary
Cast Richard Branson, Eve Branson, Mike Kendrick, Per Lindstrand
Director Daniel Gordon
Producer John Battsek, Daniel Gordon, Iris Maor, Johnny Webb
Cinematographer Nick Bennett, Danny Rohrer
Language English
Country of origin United Kingdom

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