Don't Look Down

Don't Look Down 

Richard Branson tells the untold story behind his daring attempts to cross the Atlantic and Pacific in the mid 80s and early 90s in the world’s largest hot air balloon, while trying to launch an upstart airline.

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Don’t Look Down is a personal revelation; a dramatic tale of survival and drive 

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“When you’re facing certain death, your mind does funny things. You make the most important decisions you will ever make under extreme pressure. If you get them right, with a lot of luck, you live to tell the tale. I faced death when I found myself in the biggest balloon ever built, all alone. How I got there, what happened next, and how it changed me, are the subjects of my new documentary Don’t Look Down” – Sir Richard Branson

It's 1984 and Richard Branson, then a maverick British music mogul, has just made a big decision - to take on British Airways, and set up his own airline. But with just one plane, a minimal marketing budget, and a flair for self-promotion, he quickly realises that in order for the airline to survive, he needs to pull off a major publicity stunt.

What Branson does next is ambitious, daring and more than a little bit crazy. He enlists the services of Per Lindstrand, one of the world's most experienced hot air balloonists, to attempt a world-first: to cross the Atlantic Ocean by balloon. And so begins a series of death-defying record attempts that risk the life of the bearded balloonist, and his business empire.

The real story of this incredible adventure has never been told. Using intimate interviews with Branson and the team, never seen before archive (including footage from inside the balloon, shot in real time) and dramatic reconstructions, Don't Look Down is a story of courage, determination, despair and ultimate triumph told by one of the world’s most recognisable and respected modern mavericks.