Backstreet Boys: Show 'Em What You're Made Of

Backstreet Boys: Show 'Em What You're Made Of 

The extremes of fame and fortune, betrayal and renewal, are revealed in this candid documentary exploring the journey from boyhood to manhood by the biggest selling boy band of all time.

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Exclusive absorbing journey from the dizzy heights of boyband uber-success, to the lows of lawsuits, rehab, reality TV and therapy 

The Huffington Post

Pop bands aren’t supposed to last. A surprisingly frank documentary on what happens when an emotionally fractured boy band grows up and deals with its past... 

The Guardian

Complex, heart wrenching, and fascinating... There is real depth and emotional struggle to these men 

Bleeding Cool

The Backstreet Boys might be middle-aged, married and have dodgy knees, but a heartfelt documentary reveals they're not going gently into pop's good night... 

The Independent absorbing journey from the dizzy heights of boyband uber-success, to the lows of lawsuits, rehab, reality TV and therapy 

The Huffington Post

Backstreet Boys document their triumphant 20th-anniversary comeback as a manband with a refreshing absence of vanity 

Total Film

A masterful blend of past and present gracefully frames Backstreet Boys’ rise to the sensation of a decade and is definitely worth a watch whether you’re a fan or not 

The Source

The result is rather more interesting than you might expect…explores how this likeable bunch comes to terms with being manufactured and exploited as teenagers 

The Times honest, intimate and playful documentary and an interesting watch, even if you’re not a fanatical fan 

The Upcoming

Fans will eat this up... 

Empire Magazine

This carefully crafted film is an engaging look at how they got to here 

Los Angeles Times

Memory and mortality take centre stage in this informative, emotionally open documentary from Stephen Kijak 

Irish Times

A lively and personal approach holds the attention. And the guys are still up to the challenge 

Shadows on the Wall

A film infused with the tension of what it's like to know that your best days are probably behind you 


The new warts-and-all Backstreet Boys documentary…is worth the watch for the way it portrays the music industry’s cruelty and fickleness 


This is gritty and real… Even if you aren’t a diehard fan, it’s worth watching just to understand how being a successful musician isn’t all smiles and platinum records 


This is a documentary that proves hugely insightful and personal... 


Kijak takes an honest, candid look into how these guys started out and where they have ended up... 


Type Feature film
Length 101 Minutes
Rating 15
Genres Documentary, Feature, Music
Cast Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, A.J. McLean, Kevin Scott Richardson
Director Stephen Kijak
Producer Mia Bays
Language English
Countries of origin United Kingdom, United States

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