Our Technology

Our Technology

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Colony has developed a bleeding-edge, end-to-end proprietary solution for dynamic content streaming applications. The Colony stack includes an isomorphic web application framework ("Cortex"), video infrastructure and back office suite. Our technology has been developed in-house by the Colony team in response to wide-ranging problems involving scale, performance, user-experience and video streaming in an industry dominated by rapidly evolving technology and big competition.

Cloud-based & Scalable

Built from the ground up on cloud infrastructure, Colony is future-proofed for scale and performance.


We're proud to use state-of-the-art HTML5 video technology, adaptive bitrate streaming and plugin-free Hollywood-grade DRM.


A streamlined and decoupled workflow for rapid product development and autonomy between front and back-end teams.


An isomorphic architecture combines the dynamic user interface of a single page app with the speed and SEO benefits of server-rendering.

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Back Office Suite


A proprietary end-to-end solution to encode, encrypt, store in cloud, geo-restrict, curate and publish multi-format content. A simple two step process enables Hollywood-grade DRM.


A proprietary CRM which includes user profiles, order management, communications, voucher codes, customer loyalty management, and real-time business performance metrics.

Licensor Management

Purpose-built LMS links licensing and content teams in all aspects of managing complex, multi-territory, multi-title rights agreements. A self-serve system delivers financial reports.

Data Dashboards

Visualizes a range of filtered datasets including demographic, online behavior, open graph, transactional, content consumption and user preferences data.

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